Powerpoint slide management and reuse

Product Review : Slideboxx V2.0

Sales and business development team in almost all industries spends a significant amount of time in creating and making PowerPoint presentations. In most of the cases, a large number of slides are repeatedly reused. Thus it is very important to be able to find the relevant slides on time. In the absence of good search functionality this will call for whole lot of discipline in classifying, categorizing and storing the presentations on a continuous basis. Slideboxx 2.0 from Zinali LLC equips you with easy to use PowerPoint slides management tool which has got some extremely useful and handy functionality like:

1. Visually searching the relevant slides and directly adding to new or existing presentation

2. Ability to show similar slides, clustering option

3. Advanced search capabilities with provision of tagging

4. Ability to selectively exclude directories from indexing

After evaluating the Slideboxx for some time I suggested some improvement which were taken up and delivered in version 2.0. If you spend a lot of time working with PowerPoint and creating presentations, this should be a must have to improve the efficiency. Go check out for yourself  at www.slideboxx.com


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